Perspective is the Basis For Strategy

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Experts in Content Management

WordPress is great for web developers, but is it really appropriate for clients wanting to maintain their own web sites? Distant Horizon has content management systems that make growing your web site fun!

Chicago's Friendliest High-End Web Development Firm

We love to build web sites that solve marketing problems. Regardless of your industry, we'll get interested and try to help you find an angle to distinguish yourself from the ever-growing competitive landscape.

Mobile-First Web Design

We've been dealing with differing screen sizes and user groups for years, but the difference now is that web traffic stats are starting to show that mobile usage is overtaking PC usage.  Responsive design is one perspective, but at the end of the day, designing for mobile is best informed by surfing on mobile. 

Search Engine Optimization

 The best search engine optimization starts with proper user interface design and navigational planning.  Distant Horizon has a long heritage of excellent search engine performance and our content management systems are based on universal SEO principles.

Bring us in for the nickel tour and a vibrant conversation about your business and your market.

For years we have toured the assembly lines, felt the heat of the powder coating ovens, watched the spinning deburring machines and looked out from the 65th floor...we can clearly distinguish between professional services, non-profit, wholesale, retail and manufacturing companies vis a vis a marketing web strategy.  We start by visiting you where you work - so we can absorb some of your unique culture.  Along the way we frequently see your unique proposal to the marketplace - what has made you successful against your competition.