About Brandon Wilson

Ask me about...

  • my year at Oxford University studying Philosophy and Ethics
  • my years of non-profit work, cleaning roadsides and planting wildflowers in the inner city
  • the amazing things my current and former employees have gone on to do
  • my invention, The Allergy Emergency Kit which is installed in hundreds of schools around the world
  • the 60 acre farm I renovated during the slow years of the recession
  • selling intellectual property to publicly traded firms
  • why you should get a building permit, even if you're a libertarian
  • what its like to have 7,500 items for sale on Amazon.com at once

Nice to meet you!

I founded Distant Horizon in the spare room of my apartment in 1999 when I was 25 and all these years I have been passionate about helping business owners and marketing departments do the right thing on the web.

I have seen some very interesting times, and I try to look out for my customers based on what I have experienced myself or witnessed through the hundreds of CEOs, entrepreneurs and corporate managers we have served.

I would be happy to give you a free consultation, on the phone or in-person, regarding your web project.  We will then prepare a straightforward proposal for your review.  We have a heritage of trying to go live with most projects in 30 days.


Brandon Wilson, President
Distant Horizon, Inc.