Corporate Web Site Development

The larger a web site gets, the more navigation and organization make the difference.  If you put hundreds of pages of content on the web, but you organize it poorly, you will absolutely repel stakeholders internally and externally - your salespeople and customer service personnel will be constantly receiving phone calls and e-mails and your customers and prospective customers will throw up their hands in exasperation.  We have seen this with companies like Microsoft and AT&T - once a web site loses its focus on usability and clear structural organization - it is hard to recover.  At Distant Horizon, we layer artistic elements and clever ditties after the important work of information architecture and search engine optimization.  You can always make an organized site prettier.  You can never make a "beautiful" trainwreck make sense.

You will notice many of our sites have three full navigational structures.  This is out of fashion right now - the marketplace is very hung up on "flat design" like this site you are on right now.  But corporations can't get by with a 10-15 page web site.  And if you're going to have all that content, you better have the navigational structures and visual markers to help people move from page to page with minimal aggravation.  We are having to spend a lot of time now reconciling the reality of large web sites with the concept of "responsive design" - all is not right in the mobile world.  If you go through corporate web sites on mobile, critically, you will see a lot of best practices breaking down as you try to make your way from the home and superficial pages to real use of the full site. 

C. E. Niehoff & Co.

AMS Mechanical Systems

Holland Applied Technologies

Columbus Industries

Chris Industries

Gnade Insurance Group

Does Your Web Designer Understand Business?

  • Setting objectives for Each Target Market
  • Cross-pollinating your various marketing efforts so that they look consistent and work together to drive repeated exposure - Integrated Marketing
  • Brand consistency - no matter who is working on designed materials or what media the brand is appearing in
  • Measuring results with analytics tools so you have an assessment to bring to upper management
  • Focus on your "reason for existing" to make sure branding isn't getting too far from the original intention: to bring in new business
  • Manage content in-house and save web developer time for functionality enhancements and true programming

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