Domain Name Acquisition & Brokering

Choosing a domain name for a new web project is an exciting and important step in setting the trajectory of your branding, ease-of-use and search engine optimization.  Frequently, a company will find that their first choice for a domain name is unavailable because it is owned by someone else, parked or otherwise tied up.

At Distant Horizon, many of our most interesting case studies involve creative domain name strategies and get-it-done problem solving.  We can track down owners of domain names and acquire them.  We can help you acquire a small company that owns your ideal domain.  We can do extensive keyword research to develop a list of potential domains (available and attainable) that you can consider.

Domain Name Services

  • Contacting the owner of a parked domain (a domain name with advertising on it)
  • Transferring hosting, ownership, DNS
  • Negotiating with third-party domain brokers like Sedo, Domain Name Sales, etc.
  • Backordering domains
  • Domain name squatters; trademark infringement
  • Exercising caution when building lists of domains that will have to be maintained and renewed for the duration of your ownership.  Sometimes it is better to spend $10,000 buying one "perfect" domain name than it is to keep renewing a list of 100 mediocre domains for a decade!
  • Escrow and Payment
  • Domain valuation
  • Selling a desirable domain to a more ideal candidate for its use

Successful Domain Name Projects

  •   (took domain back from squatter)
  •   (took domain back from rogue web developer/squatter)
  •  (branding/SEO)
  • (branding/SEO)
  • /  (branding/SEO)
  • (acquired business assets for branding/SEO)
  • (branding/SEO)

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