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Navigation is Everything When You're Architecting A Large and Growing Web Site

The beauty of our Proven Structure School District web site platform is its ability to handle hundreds of pages of content with ease.  We also bring modules and best practices to the table such as:

  • Self-Maintainable "Teacher Pages"
  • A full content management system including forms, image rotators, navigation and image galleries.
  • We can plan the site to keep your district site and school sites closely linked to avoid redundancy and scattered branding
  • Easy to use Calendar plug-ins
  • District-wide e-mail service with handy web interface accessible from any PC or phone
  • Staff Directory with E-Mail "Shrouder" to prevent spammers from harvesting all of your staff e-mail addresses
  • E-Mail Archiving Service which helps if you receive FOI requests

Our sister company, Allergy Emergency Kit, can help you protect the children in your school who have anaphylactic food and bee sting allergies.

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